Strap Spanking For Bare Bottomed Teen Girlfriends


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These two girls were screwing around at the Girls Boarding School. And the school doesn’t take kindly to girls that do whatever the hell they like.

It is therefore decided that these girls are going to get a strap spanking across the bare bottom.

Both of them. At the same time. In each other’s presence.

You know… to make this an extra humiliating spanking session.

I always like to watch spanking videos that show multiple bottoms on screen.

I can never decide where to look.

Which bottom is prettier?

They’re both so full and round and… voluptuous!

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Jodie Naughty Bottom Spanked With A Strap

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Teen Jodie is at it again. She’s been naughty once more and she will have to endure a teen spanking just as long until she starts behaving like a nice girl.

You can tell by the look on her face she’s feeling a little exposed already. She knows what’s coming. Her bare bottom is going to be in plain sight for the next half hour, while she can do nothing but take her spanking punishment.

She’s done this before.

But is it Jodie’s fault that she has such a lovely round bottom that simply begs to be spanked?

Ofcourse not!

Over the lap she goes for a bare handed bare bottomed spanking. Then she must bend over a bench and receive a strap spanking.

All through this spanking video, her teenage bottom is revealed and the redder it becomes the more interesting it gets.

Beneath Jodie’s buttocks, we see her pussy lips that are constantly increasing in size. We all know Jodie secretly enjoys being given a humiliating spanking. That’s probably why she keeps being naughty all the time.

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Strap Spanked Teen Gets Swollen Pussy Lips

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You’d think these teen girls from Girls Boarding School would learn their lesson at one point.

Some of them don’t, as it turns out.

And I think I know why!

Some of these girls secretly enjoy the thrill of an older man taking control of them.

They enjoy the sheer submission and relinquishment of control when they expose their most private parts to a man.

What they want is for men to give them spanking punishment so they can feel like little girls again.

When they are made to bend over and take a strap spanking to the bare buttocks, they can’t help but get incredibly turned on.

It makes their pussy lips swell.

It also makes for one of the greatest spanking videos ever!

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Cane Spanking At The Girls Boarding School

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This girl was privileged enough to be sent off to the Girls Boarding School, where she is trained and disciplined through extensive use of the cane.

First the girls is almost thrown over the table, her skirt is lifted and her panties are pulled down.

Her round teenage buttocks get a nice paddle spanking to start off her spanking punishment.

She is pretty much spanked to tears. And if that is not enough, her punishment is finished off with a harsh cane spanking.

I’m sure she will grow up to be a very obedient housewife.

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Medical Spanking For Two Sassy Girls

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These two girls, one a real teenaged, the other a teenager at heart, are here for a medical.

What they don’t know, is that it’s a medical spanking!

They sense a little trouble as soon as they’re ordered to strip down to their underwear. But they go along with it anyway, because it’s kind of exciting!

Then, the oldest ‘tee’ is ordered to take down her panties and sit on all fours.

Her naughty bottom is now showing, with nice thick pussy lips beneath it. I think they’re already a little bit swollen up from the excitement.

And that’s when the real fun starts in this medical spanking video. The girls are both given strap spankings. Hard ones, too.

They’re both on all fours with their bums sticking backwards. Their pussy lips are showing between their legs.

Their buttocks take harsh spankings and their pussies are enjoying it. Who would have thought that two innocent teens would enjoy to undergo such spanking abuse in a medical environment?

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Teen Spanking For Naughty Schoolgirl Bent Over Desk

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This naughty teen schoolgirl is given a spanking while she is laying over her own desk.

Imagine the shame and humiliation that is racing through her mind as she receives a cane spanking from her teacher while she’s on her own desk.

Of all the girls on this spanking blog, this one is easily suffering the most. ;)

She is made to pose with her swollen teen pussy in plain view. It’s good for her!

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Spanked To Tears At Girls Boarding School

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No girl ever gets special treatment at Girls Boarding School.

That includes really pretty teen girls that were enormously popular in high school.

This poor teen had the misfortune of having rich parents that were sick and tired of her disobedience, so they shipped her off to the boarding school.

Her ideas of the world being all about her are quickly destroyed. She is given a teen spanking just like any other teen girl in the school.

While she is bent over the couch, her pants and panties are taken off and her bare bottom is exposed to the teacher.

She is quite literally spanked to tears, and not just a few. She’s crying Niagara Falls.

This has to be one of the most spectacular spanking videos I have ever laid eyes upon!!!

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Bad Teen Girl Gets A Hard Caning On Her Buttocks In Her Bed

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This teen from Girls Boarding School is nothing but trouble, as you can see.

She’s a naughty girl and she’s earned herself a cane spanking across her bare buttocks.

It’s a very severe teen spanking I might say, because her bottom is welted all over afterwards!

How humiliated this teen must feel, being given such a humiliating spanking on her own bed while bending over her own pillow!

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Teen Ass Strapping For Being Lazy

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This naughty teen assistent has been much too lazy. This will simply not hold!

The headmaster is completely fed up with her laziness and he has decided to teach her a lesson in this spanking video which is, dare I say it, almost sadistic?

Her laughing soon ends once the strap spanking continues for longer than she can bare. That strapped little bottom is starting to look real nice with those red spots on it.

This spanking blog sees many spanked bottoms, but not all of them light up as nicely as this one does!

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Kailee Robinson Spanked For Being A Very Bad Girl

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Kailee Robinson was at it again at the Girls Boarding School.

God knows what she’s been up to now but I’ll bet my ass that it wasn’t pretty!

Her teacher is fed up with her shit and he wants to give her a teen spanking so bad that he doesn’t even take the effort to take down her pants.

She simply goes over the couch with her bottom way up in the air and the teacher spanks her half naked buttocks with his bare hands.

As you can see on Kailee’s face, it’s still hurting her plenty even though her bum is mostly covered by her mini skirt. I’m surprised she’s not spanked to tears.

Afterwards Kailee Robinson just sort of walks away with her tail between her legs.

She’s cute as a button this girl. Maybe even the cutest girl on the whole spanking blog.

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