Belt Spanking For Buxom Teenaged Girl

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This girl has just had a severe belt spanking and is now on display on her own bed.

She has just been spanked to tears and is now crumpling up in some sort of fetus position in a desperate attempt to comfort herself.

Her bruised bottom is stinging violently and she wonders if the pain will ever go away.

After her teen spanking, she was also made to pose by bending over and grabbing the back of her own legs.

Her spanker gets a nice view of the work of art that he has just created.

She’s officially been disciplined by Girls Boarding School. And the red welts on her ass are going to make sure she’ll remember that for the time being.

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  • mike says:

    Just beautiful! Great ass and gorgeous pink smelly-looking feet. I would lick them both after the caning is done.

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