Caning Discipline For Sweet Young Girl’s Naughty Bottom

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This sweet young thing may look like an angel, but she’s not always that good of a girl.

I must admit, the spanking punishment she receives is way out of proportion when you look at the ‘petty crimes’ she commits.

But come on… how can you let this gorgeous girl grow up without having used her to play out your perverted teen spanking fantasies?

With a young and impressionable mind like this, all you have to do is tell her she’s been a very bad girl and the next thing you know… she’s bent over the table with her panties on her ankles.

Let the cane spanking begin.

I love to see sweet young girls in pain and spanking humiliation.

Makes me want to comfort her afterwards.

If only I do it often enough, she might even learn to like me.

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