Katie Leigh Spanking Across Her Bare Buttocks

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Katie Leigh is one of those girls who simply can’t stay out of trouble.

And that’s because she’s a self admitted slut who gets off on spanking sex. She does nothing but read many a spanking blog on the web all day long.

She thinks about being spanked the whole day long. Here we see her with her friend Isabelle. They’ve both been naughty and they’re here for a serious spanking.

The girls both get the cane across their bare buttocks and they seem to be enjoying themselves just nicely.

So no reason to stop… just keep slapping those teenaged bums over and over again.

We see Katie Leigh in the chair, holding up her own legs as if to say “please fuck my freshly spanked teenage bum, because I’m slut and that’s what I want!”.

I can’t believe Katie Leigh man… she’s such a spanking slut.

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