OTK Spanking In Teen Girl’s Own Bed

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This girl is attending Girls Boarding School in order to get some much needed discipline so she’ll grow up to be a good and obedient housewife some day.

In this spanking video, she gets a good old fashioned, bare bottomed, bare handed otk spanking!

Is there any other kind? ;)

The teacher comes to visit her in her own room where this anxious teen is already waiting for the spanking punishment she knows she’s going to get.

The teacher sits on the bed and pulls the girl over his lap. She then gets a humiliating spanking on her naughty bottom!

Her pants come off soon enough. Her panties are pulled down just beneath her cheeks. Her bare bottom is now exposed to the teacher.

He continues to give her a teen spanking with his bare hand. Her buns are turning beet red in the process and the girl is spanked to tears.

By the time her spanking is over, she is completely nude and feeling very submissive, exposed and humiliated.

She then gets back in bed where she thinks about what has just happened to her. She then cries herself to sleep.

Poor girl. Can anybody comfort her?

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