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Humiliating Spanking OTK For Naughty Teen Girl

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Naughty teens deserve to get a humiliating spanking.

If you do not subject them to proper spanking punishment, they will grow up to be disobedient wives with sassy, back talking mouths!

Luckily, this badass busty milf isn’t putting up with any shit that teenagers throw at her.

This stupid teen had the guts to talk back to her and look what’s happening now!

The woman spanks her ass through her jeans and grabs her face, telling her off for being such a bad girl.

But that doesn’t finish the punishment. Oh, no…

Her jeans come off and her panties too. Her bare bottom is now being given a real otk spanking!

That bottom deserves every single slap it gets!

That’s what you get for being a naughty teen.

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Teen OTK Spanking On A Fleshy Bare Bottom

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This girl has earned herself a teen spanking by being naughty and disobedient all the time.

Her teacher is fed up with her ways and has ordered her out of her clothes to humiliate her.

It’s working nicely, but the teacher isn’t done just yet.

He administers a strict otk spanking on the girl’s bare buttocks. They light up a bright red and she’s begging her teacher to stop.

The teacher gives a a half minute break and then proceeds with a very severe cane spanking.

I’m surprised this teen makes it to the end of this spanking video. Her bottom is so sore she won’t be able to sit on it for days!

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Girlfriends Given An OTK Spanking At Girls Boarding School

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These two girls have become friends at the Girls Boarding School.

And since the teachers there are aware that two girls can cause more trouble than one, they are paying extra attention to these two little troublemakers!

To nobody’s surprise, these girls have crossed the line. This means they are in for a very serious teen spanking now!

The teacher wasn’t prepared for this one so he had to improvise. Since he didn’t have any tools of discipline with him, he resorted to a good old fashioned otk spanking with the bare hand.

These girls are taken otk one by one. They are given bare bottomed spankings while the other one is watching.

It makes for quite an interesting spanking video. Especially the last part where they both stand with their hands on their head facing the wall.

The teacher deserves to get a good look at those freshly spanked cheeks after going through that much effort.

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Big Bottom Spanked In The Bathroom

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This girl has had quite a severe domestic strap spanking.

Her bottom is literally beet red. You can clearly see the marks of the straps.

Her bum is shiny!

This spanking video shows her mostly posing with her big voluptuous bottom.

I love the shots where she bends over and her swollen teenage labia are clearly visible between her thighs.

This girl not only has an incredible pair of buttocks… she’s got camel toe like you wouldn’t believe!

I wouldn’t mind giving this girl an otk spanking personally, even though I’m not sure how I’d get her over my lap.

It really is a lot of ass!

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Ebony Teen Girls Cane Spanked By Girls Boarding School

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These two ebony girls have become good friends at the Girls Boarding School.

Unfortunately, they’ve also become very good troublemakers. And the school will simply not stand for this!

They are taken into the teacher’s office where they are told to strip down. The skirts and the panties have to come off!

The girls feel very exposed now, but the spanking punishment has only just begun!

They are taken over the teacher’s knee where they are given an immense otk spanking with the bare hand.

Those big cheeks of theirs are a real joy to spank. They try to stop the teacher, but it is not working. He’s in control and all these girls can do is endure their spanking punishment.

Afterwards, the teacher gives them a cane spanking, just to make sure they’ve learned their lesson.

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OTK Spanking For Assistent Girls

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Assistent girl Elizabeth Simpson is not doing her work right. She’s been slacking off and her superiors are completely sick of her behavior.

They’ve decided to subject her to an otk spanking in order to set her straight.

Elizabeth is called into the office where she must immediately strip down and reveal her bare buttocks.

Her full round bottom is in plain view as she lies across the boss’ lap. He slaps those buttocks as if his life depends on it and Elizabeth Simpson is hurting real bad!

As if her humiliation is not complete after being spanked by two mature people in front of another young assistent girl… her punishment was filmed so it could be shown to future employees as a warning.

And that’s the story of how this spanking video came to be. ;)

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Strap Spanking From Strict School Mistress

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This naughty school student girl reports to her school mistress, an older mature woman who’s known for not taking any fucking crap from young sassy teens.

Immediately she takes the girl over her lap and deals out an otk spanking to her bottom.

The bare hand spanking is followed by a good strap spanking on the bare buttocks.

This girl isn’t feeling too comfortable in this submissive and powerless position.

She can’t go anywhere and she’s starting to feel sorry for how naughty she has been.

Her naughty bottom will feel the stinging pain for a long time to come!

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Nude Girl’s Bare Bottom Spanked OTK

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Another otk spanking session at the Girls Boarding School!

This particular teen girl has been so naughty that she needed to be spanked in the nude in order to make this an extra humiliating spanking for her.

This guy wants to teach her a good lesson this time. One that she will not soon forget.

And while he’s investing the time and energy into this girl’s teen spanking, he has the right to have a good time doing it!

So he undresses her and enjoys her young, sensual body as she lies over his lap and struggles to get away from her spanking punishment.

Her breasts are pressing into his leg…

Every time his hand hits her bottom, she is in pain. Her spanker does not care. He knows the girl deserves it because she’s been a very bad girl.

Afterwards, the naughty girl poses on a chair and in the middle of the room. She shows him her spanked bottom and feels very embarrassed to do so.

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Teen Girlfriends Get OTK Spankings From Dad

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These teen girlfriends are misbehaving and one of their dads is completely fed up now.

He’s going to give them a teen spanking on their bare buttocks.

He takes the teens over his lap one by one. He gives them a humiliating spanking in front of each other.

The girls aren’t enjoying this too much but they had it coming and they will have to endure their punishment.

Dad slaps the girls’ buttocks until they’re completely red. The girls are feeling a little embarassed by now but that’s okay.

If they want to avoid getting an otk spanking they’ll just have to behave better in the future.

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Tiffany’s First Spanking Shoot

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Teen Tiffany has seen plenty of spanking videos and she fantasizes about being a spanked schoolgirl all the time.

Since this teacher is more than willing to help this poor girl out, she dresses her up in a schoolgirl uniform, and off we go!

She’s been a naughty student girl and she deserves a spanking. Because she’s got such a big, full bottom, she’s going over the knee for a bare handed otk spanking across her bare buttocks.

Such a lovely bottom… it’s almost a shame to hit it. Almost. But not quite.

Once her bum is warmed up, she must bend over the desk and she is given a slipper spanking, followed by a cane spanking.

She asked for it… now she’s going to get it!

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